Farrah Abraham Claims She Cuts Off Communication With 'Vulgar' and 'Abusive' Amber Portwood

Farrah continues weighing in on her former 'Teen Mom' co-star's abuse scandals involving boyfriend Andrew Glennon, noting that the problems will stop once she stops dating.

AceShowbiz - Farrah Abraham doesn't feel the need to speak to former "Teen Mom" co-star Amber Portwood. The 28-year-old revealed in an interview that she hadn't spoken with Amber amid her headline-making abuse scandal involving her boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

"For one, I do not speak to others who are very vulgar and abusive," Farrah claimed to HollywoodLife.com. "I haven't spoken to her. I think, the last time we saw me with her was her trying to attack me on stage at the reunion, and Catelynn [Lowell] and Maci [Bookout] supporting her in that."

"I have to say that was a sad way for me to leave it," she added. "I think it's getting worse and in a devastating kind of a way."

Farrah continued weighing in on Amber's problems, noting that the problems would stop once she stopped dating. "As a mom, I feel like just stopping the dating might be helpful and might empower her inner strength," the 28-year-old explained. "I do wish Amber all the best. I feel that children, adults, family members, everyone associated should be treated with care, love. And that's where the society and the world is going."

"Some people would be surprised. I've never been surprised, because I'm very honest to a fault. I'm very deep about actually understanding the person who I'm working with," she added. "I've dealt with a lot of jealousy, mental illness, misbehavior and mistreatment from a lot of people for years. I just don't think anyone should be surprised of that."

Farrah also said that it was up to Amber whether or not she thought Amber she could seek help for her problems with alleged domestic and verbal abuse. "Amber can seek her own help. If she truly desires it, she will seek it herself," she shared.

"I've just been very hurt from the past scenarios and I'm happy that Gary [Shirley] is with Leah [Shirley] (Amber and Gary's 10-year-old daughter). I'm sure her new husband or boyfriend is with her new child. I really hope that, not only Amber, but I hope Catelynn, I hope Maciā€¦ gets some help. They seriously need it," she went on adding.

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