Emmys 2019: 'Bored' Sarah Silverman Caught Dozing Off During Live Telecast

The former 'I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman' host pokes fun at the long and 'predictable' awards event by pretending to sleep when 'Saturday Night Live' is announced as the winner of Best Variety Directing.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Silverman might be attending the 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's enjoying the show. The actress/comedian has poked fun at the long and "boring" awards show as she's caught sleeping during the live telecast on Sunday, September 22.

When "Saturday Night Live" was announced as the winner of Best Variety Directing for the episode hosted by Adam Sandler, the camera panned to the 48-year-old funnywoman who appeared to be dozing off. She was slouching back in her seat and looked surprised when the crowd clapped as a response to "SNL" win.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences itself has acknowledged this and shared a video of the moment on its Twitter page. "We get it, @SarahKSilverman - awards season is exhausting!" read the caption.

But Twitter users have different interpretation of Sarah's acting. "you mean late shows awards are boring?" one suggested. Another added, "And predictable." Someone else remarked, "She looks so bored!" Agreeing, another wrote, "I know same winners every time. Snorefest."

Someone else shared her thought on the show and gave some suggestions, "This show is exhausting. Maybe time for new producers? And get rid of Thomas Lennon. This was supposed to be a night to celebrate achievements, not cringe from snarky off-camera comments."

Earlier when met on the red carpet, Sarah gave a strong "No" answer when asked if she would like to host the Emmys in the future. "They don’t want comedians to talk," she said of the hostless 2019 Emmys and Oscars. When asked if she would do it if she's offered the job, she quickly said, "No!" before adding, "Nobody wants to do it either. It's thankless."

The "Bob's Burgers" voice actor also expressed her sentiment about today's cancel culture and how it affected comedy. "There's definitely pressure," Sarah lamented. "There's a kind of righteousness porn going on in this cancel culture. There's nuance to it. There's good and there's bad. As a stand-up, it's really odd. To talk about what's really going on or to talk about the world as we decide to see it - or to push to see where the line is and to go past it - is so oddly unacceptable it's safer to..."

Her last four words were censored by FOX, but she appeared to say, "just make p***y jokes." She added, "It's an odd time but I hope comedy pushes through."

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