DaBaby Caught on Camera Throwing Punch at Concertgoer for Trying to Grab His Chain

In a video that circulates online, the 'Sage' rapper is seen performing really close to the crowd in Lansing, Michigan, before he catches one person trying to grab his chain.

AceShowbiz - Fans of DaBaby apparently have yet to learn their lesson. Even after the 27-year-old rapper was caught in an altercation several times, it appears his devotees are still trying to get on his nerves. An example of that could be seen during his show in Lansing, Michigan over the weekend.

In a video obtained by TMZ, DaBaby was seen performing really close to the crowd, with only a barricade separating themselves. The "Suge" rapper might have thought that things would go with no hiccups even after he did that until one concertgoer was seen trying to grab his chain. Seemingly flustered, he threw a punch at the concertgoer and then retreated to the stage to avoid things like that from happening again.

It's unclear whether his punch even landed, but no police were called and no lawsuits were filed. Thus, there must not have been any blowback from the concertgoer.

This isn't the first time for DaBaby to be involved in such things. Earlier this year, local rapper Don Trag sued the rapper after he was pummeled into the ground by security guards. At the time, his brother explained that Trag suffered severe injuries that led to brain and neck swelling, causing him to slip into a coma. His family estimated that the injuries would cause him more than $100,000 in medical cost and other expenses.

Later in May, DaBaby knocked out fellow rapper Cam Coldheart inside a Louis Vuitton store after the latter provoked him. Months after that, DaBaby's security guards were once again captured on camera beating up a man who reportedly jumped on stage to record himself with the "Baby" spitter during a concert. As his team beat the man up at Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Iowa, DaBaby simply watched the man get beaten up without showing any signs of helping him.

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