Pregnant Shay Mitchell Celebrates Baby Shower With Lap Dance at Strip Club

In the fourth episode of her YouTube series 'Almost Ready', the former 'Pretty Little Liars' star jokes that she is 'going into labor' when the 'Magic Men Live!' show began.

AceShowbiz - Heavily pregnant Shay Mitchell celebrated her baby shower in a most unconventional way - enjoying a lap dance from half-naked men at a male strip show.

The former "Pretty Little Liars" star donned a skintight pink minidress and PVC heels as she and her girlfriends, also dressed in pink in honour of the actress' unborn baby girl, headed to the "Magic Men Live!" strip show in Los Angeles - with the outing documented in the fourth episode of her YouTube series "Almost Ready".

In the clip, titled "Not your average baby shower", Shay explains: "Okay, so I know I said I wasn't going to have a baby shower, but a few things changed, and I decided I was going to."

Heading into the Avalon Theatre, Shay and her group make their way to their own reserved section, decked out in pink balloons spelling out "Baby Girl" for the "baby bachelorette".

Then, as the show starts, Shay jokes she might have the baby early, judging by the antics of the men onstage. "Oh my God. I'm going into labour!" she tells her pals as the men disrobe.

Later in the show, Shay is called onstage for her own lap dance and looks delighted as the men thrust and dance their way around her, as she sits on a chair in the centre of the stage.

The next morning, the screen star is asked about the occasion by partner Matte Babel, and jokes that "everyone should have their baby bachelorette there."

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