Man Admits to Attacking Andy Dick After the Comedian Grabbed His Genitals
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David Hale, who was arrested for allegedly punching the controversial comedian, says he attacked Andy in retaliation for grabbing his crotch prior to the incident.

AceShowbiz - A man arrested for allegedly attacking Andy Dick has revealed his motive. David Hale, who was arrested on early Wednesday, August 14, has admitted that he punched the comedian after Andy grabbed his genitals prior to that.

"Yes, I did that, but I had a reason," David allegedly told police when they showed up at his Mid-City home on Tuesday to ask whether he had sucker-punched Andy over the weekend. According to David, as cited by, Andy grabbed his crotch when David was saying goodbye to the 53-year-old comic.

David said he approached Andy after his performance at the One Eyed Jacks nightclub in New Orleans on early Saturday to say that he enjoyed the show. But Andy "leaned in close to him and grabbed his genitals," police said. Hale said he grew incensed, but Andy simply winked in reaction. Hale said he lost control and knocked Andy to the ground.

Andy's representatives, however, have denied David's claim. His camp claimed that he had not done anything to provoke the attack. One representative accused David of telling different stories to others before settling on the one he gave police. "Hale doesn't have a straight story," the source explained why David cannot be trusted. "He's told several different stories."

Andy was sucker-punched by the alleged attacker last Saturday, August 10 at around 2:20 P.M. following his performance with his partner and guitarist Paris Dylan. The man hit the comedian on the right side of the head, causing him to fall into a motorcycle and hit his head on the ground. Andy was unconscious for 15 minutes.

He was taken to Tulane University Medical Center, where he was diagnosed with concussion and monitored for a "possible brain bleed." Andy spent two nights in the hospital before flying back to Los Angeles.

Police booked David on counts of second-degree battery and simple battery. He allegedly also hit a man who tried to stop him by placing a hand on his shoulder after David attacked Andy. His bail is set at $15,000.

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