Nicki Minaj 'Copies' Lil' Kim's Swag With New Fendi-Printed Wig, One Fan Says
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The rivalry between the two raptress have been going on for years and it allegedly started after Nicki released teaser pics for her 2007's 'Playtime Is Over' mixtape which looked similar to Kim's '1996' album cover.

AceShowbiz - Fendi is the latest designer brand that infiltrates the Hip-Hop world. And Nicki Minaj recently took to her Instagram account to flex her style in the Italian luxury label's ensemble.

The Young Money femcee was clad in a new hot pink Fendi tracksuit. It featured a zip-up jacket, which she deliberately unzipped to show off her massive cleavage, and tight leggings. The self-proclaimed black Barbie completed her style with a Fendi-printed wig as she wore a matching-colored cap.

"All I'll say is dreams really do come true. #FendiPrintsOn #ThatIsAFendiFakk coming soon," so Nicki captioned the short clip.

While some people were loving the look and even anticipated if she and the brand decided to launch a collaboration, some others blasted Nicki for not being authentic with her fashion.

"Didn't little Kim have a wig with a G on it way back when ??? I think yes . #js," one fan wrote, accusing the Trinidadian star of copying Lil' Kim. "On this week episode of Nicki Minaj Copies Lil' Kim for the 25434664347785995359 time: Designer Wig," another user tweeted.

"For Nicki Minaj to have had public beef with lil Kim she sure does dress like her a lot hair included. it's that fan behavior ? Watch all these non paid barbz come on here talking shit," one other said. Meanwhile, another tweet read, "Nicki Minaj honored Lil' Kim with a blonde bob with pink. @Fendi logos on the bang and right side. Nearly 20 years ago, Kim wore two wigs, one platinum, the other electric blue, that had been either stamped or spray painted with the @CHANEL and @Versace logo, respectively."

Nicki and Kim used to have a beef, but the latter appeared to bury their hatched during an interview back in August 2018. The Queen Bee was asked about what she thought when Nicki named her album "Queen", to which she responded, "What she did she did. But you know what? I wish her the best. I'm past that and over that. At the end of the day, stop asking me about that chick - she did what she did - y'all don't do that to her. I don't think you would [ask her about me?]"

However, it seems like the beef isn't over after all. Kim sang a different tune when she said she didn't know who Nicki was in an interview after the previous one. The rivalry between the two raptress have been going on for years. It allegedly started after Nicki released teaser pics for her 2007's "Playtime Is Over" mixtape which many thought was looking suspiciously a lot like Kim's "1996" album cover.

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