The Bush frontman has been left concerned after a woman, who rang his doorbell in the middle of the night and talked about the secret society, returned to his home the following afternoon.

AceShowbiz - Rocker Gavin Rossdale reportedly had to call in the police last week (ends July 05) to deal with an unwanted visitor.

The Bush frontman first became concerned after a woman turned up on the doorstep of his Los Angeles home and rang the bell in the middle of the night, muttering something about the Illuminati secret society.

Rossdale was present during the incident, but didn't open the door or say anything to the female, allegedly in her 40s, who subsequently left.

However, the singer came face-to-face with the same person the following afternoon, when she pulled her car into his driveway after spotting Rossdale about to leave the property.

According to TMZ, Gwen Stefani's ex-husband initially mistook her for a courier, before recognising her from his rude awakening hours earlier, and drove off as he reported her to local authorities.

Los Angeles Police Department officials have since launched an investigation into the encounters.

The news emerges days after Chloe Moretz's family endured a similar scary situation with an overzealous male fan, who was arrested twice within 24 hours for showing up at the actress' front door on 30 June.

He was initially arrested for misdemeanour trespassing, but was slapped with felony stalking charges after heading straight back to Moretz's California pad upon his release from jail.

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