50 Cent Clowns 'Legendary Stupid S**T' Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Over Massive Channel Purse

This arrives after the former professional boxer received backlash for showing off $2 million in cash on Fourth of July, with one saying, 'Greedy as f**k like why brag so much who tf Cares.'

AceShowbiz - Floyd Mayweather, Jr. recently received backlash for flaunting his wealth on his Instagram account, showing off numerous bundles of cash as well as his giant Chanel purse. His nemesis 50 Cent apparently didn't miss the chance to join the hate bandwagon and trolled the former professional boxer on Tuesday, July 9.

Turning Floyd's accomplishment into a hilarious joke, the "Power" creator posted on Instagram an edited photo of the boxing promoter holding his Chanel purse, which was given by the late Karl Lagerfeld. Quoting a line from Lil Baby and Gunna's "Drip Too Hard" which read, "You can get the biggest Chanel bag in the store if you want it," Fofty wrote, "I don't think Lil Baby was talking about this dumb s**t you bought champ."

"LOL GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE!" Fofty continued, calling Floyd "Legendary stupid s**t."

Some of his followers found the post funny, with Bow Wow commenting, "Hahahahahaha." Floyd himself has yet to respond to the post, but given their past online spat, it seems like it won't be too long before the 42-year-old hit back at the "Candy" rapper.

As previously reported, many weren't happy by the fast that Floyd was flaunting his wealth on Fourth of July. People pointed out that he never uses his money to help others in need and that made them upset. "All that money and u never see him do anything for his community start a after school center for the kids who don't have anything buy books for a school s**t donate some computers to a poor school to help our youth," one said, while some others deemed him "ignorant."

"N***a has nothing else to do? Take it to the homeless," one other said as someone else similarly told him,"Why don't you give some of that away to people who actually need it lmao. Greedy as f**k like why brag so much who tf Cares."

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