Kendall Jenner's Deported Stalker Puts Security on High Alert With His Disappearance

Family members of John Ford have reportedly no idea about his whereabouts less than a month after he got arrested by ICE in New Mexico and sent back to Toronto, Canada.

AceShowbiz - Police in Canada and the U.S. are on high alert after learning Kendall Jenner's alleged stalker has gone missing.

Officials fear John Ford is planning to return to Los Angeles in a desperate bid to reach the model.

The 38-year-old was deported from the U.S. earlier this month (June 2019) after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested him in New Mexico.

He was previously apprehended by police in Los Angeles last year (2018) after he trespassed onto Jenner's estate numerous times and even approached the star in her driveway.

TMZ sources claim Ford's family members in Toronto have no idea where he is, putting Kendall and her security team on high alert.

Police officials have assured her there is no way Ford can legally enter the U.S.

The model still has a restraining order in place against Ford, who must stay away from her for the next five years. If he is caught violating the order, he will be arrested, jailed and deported again.

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