'RHOP' Star Candiace Dillard Threatens Ashley Darby With a Knife for Disrespecting Mother

In a sneak peek for an upcoming episode of the Bravo show, the 32-year-old star is seen pointing a knife at the 'Paper Wristbands' author during a dinner with their other co-stars.

AceShowbiz - Things are about to get really ugly between Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby. The former apparently can't stand her "The Real Housewives of Potomac" co-star so much that she is more than willing to threaten her with a knife when they are having a dinner with other cast members.

The moment is documented in a sneak peek for the forthcoming episode of the Bravo show, in which Candiace invites her castmates for a dinner in her house, including Ashley, who is currently feuding with her. The peaceful dinner quickly goes south as the two ladies start engaging themselves in a war of words, and all hell breaks loose when Ashley makes a disrespectful comment about Candiace's mother.

Candiace quickly gets up from her seat and picks up a knife, before she stars pointing the thing at Ashley and threatening her. "You do not talk about my mother in this house!" the 32-year-old star can be seen telling the "Paper Wristbands" author, who fires back, "You better get that f***ing knife out of my motherf***ing face."

The scene ends with someone in the production team yelling to get the knife out of Candiace's hand. According to MTO News, their verbal fight during the dinner begins when Cardiace confronts Ashley about accusation that her husband is gay and that he sexually assaulted a male. The latter, however, denies saying that.

Fans of the show will know how the drama will play out when "RHOP" returns on Sunday, June 30.

As previously mentioned above, Candiace and Ashley are currently feuding. The former said of her co-star in a previous episode. "Simply put, Ashley is a fraud. She has shown herself to be capricious as the wind in a hurricane. She who is void of foundation will stand for and on anything and that is what I am learning about who I am dealing with."

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