Joe Budden and Cyn Santana Accused of Faking Split for 'LHH: New York' Storyline

The speculation sparks after the rapper-turned-podcast-host praises Mona Scott-Young, the producer of the hit VH1 series, for being 'genius' in an Instagram Live broadcast.

AceShowbiz - Is everything staged? Amid rumors of Joe Budden and Cyn Santana's split, a new report suggests that the couple never breaks up after all. According to All Hip Hop, the two may be faking their split in order to lure in more viewers for "Love & Hip Hop: New York".

The speculation sparks after Joe praised Mona Scott-Young, the producer of the hit VH1 series, in his recent Instagram Live broadcast. "Y'all know Mona's a genius... don't sleep," the former rapper said before admitting that he might get in trouble and signing off.

The podcast host didn't mention anything about his relationship with Cyn in the live broadcast, though many people seemingly assumed that his comment praising Mona was about her being the mastermind behind the faux split. It was said that the next season of the show would probably use the former couple's engagement and break-up as its major plot point. The drama might end with them reconciling.

"I knew that from the beginning. The report he was cheating and the girl who he was supposedly cheating with was at the beach with her BF gave me that this is a scam for that show vibe," a fan commented. However, another user felt that the speculation was reaching. "I don't believe he would risk his contract by slipping up telling that type of tea. He just merely chose to say Mona is a genius to debunk directly explaining it," wrote the fan. Echoing the sentiment, another user thought that his remarks were "taken out of context."

Neither Joe nor Cyn has confirmed the split rumors. However, earlier this month, Cyn seemingly blasted Joe in a cryptic tweet. "A man that don’t take care of his family can't be rich," she wrote on the micro-blogging site. "Say his name or it doesn't count," a fan urged her to spill more. Seemingly believing that the tweet was for Joe, another fan wrote, "Yall just broke up so it's obvious he never took care of his family."

Meanwhile, another user didn't think it was for Joe. "Can't be talking about Joe. Y'all ain't been broken up long enough for him to miss a damn child support payment. So that makes this sub super corny," the person tweeted.

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