'Big Bang Theory': Jim Parsons 'Deeply Satisfied', Johnny Galecki 'Shocked' With Sweet Series Finale

Fans also express their satisfaction with the series ending after running for 12 seasons as one of them shares on social media, 'I'm missing the show and the characters already.'

AceShowbiz - It's officially a farewell! "The Big Bang Theory" aired its two-part series finale on Thursday, May 16 and there seemingly is not any word that fits the ending other than sweet and perfect ending for a series which has ran for 12 seasons.

[SPOILER ALERT!] The finale saw the characters of the fan-favorite CBS comedy bid goodbye not without dropping some major, exciting news. The first part of the finale featured Sheldon (Jim Parsons and Amy (Mayim Bialik) winning the Nobel Prize in physics. They also later offered the gang a chance to go on a trip to commemorate their triumphant moment.

Additionally, another good news came after it was revealed that the elevator next to apartment 4A and 4B had been fixed. The long-overdue progress was one of the many things that fans had been dying to see in the series finale, and they were seemingly all satisfied with how things turned out.

Another major change in the episode was that Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) would enter parenthood soon as they annouced that they're having a baby together.

"She's clearly sick and I'm going to catch it and it's going to ruin the greatest day of my life,” Sheldon told Leonard, who responded, "I promise you you're not going to get what she has."

"I'm pregnant, Sheldon," Penny dropped the bombshell. "You're right, I can't catch that," Sheldon said. Leonard was unimpressed with how Sheldon reacted to the news, saying, "You just found out that a woman you have loved and cared about for 12 years is pregnant and all you can say is you're relieved she's not going to get you sick? You are a selfish jerk."

Following the finale, Galecki revealed that "the pregnancy shocked me." He went on saying, "I didn't get it at first. Mollaro and I talked about them maybe not [being pregnant]. We talked about relationships and there was one in particular to his life that he felt was similar to Leonard and Penny."

"And we did touch on the pregnancy topic a few times recently. But it was a larger question of, 'What do Leonard and Penny have in common? What do they talk about?' And that became easier; they found a common lexicon in the last few seasons," he added. "But maybe midway through the run we thought, 'Is that [relationship] realistic? Is that realistic?' That broke my heart that it might end with them not together, but it was a discussion years and years ago."

As for Parsons, he shared, "Chuck Lorre once said that watching these characters change will be like watching paint dry -- you wouldn't even notice it was happening." He went on saying, "That turned out to be both true and not true. We got to play long enough that they were allowed to change and you did notice it because at some point they were writing enough episodes, like, well we have to. They have to morph a little bit. And that made it really fun. I'm deeply satisfied with how it ended."

Fans also expressed their satisfaction with the ending. "I've come much too late to the party, but my love for #TheBigBangTheory is just as fierce as any avid fan. I'm missing the show and the characters already. But, then again in another universe, Sheldon and the rest of the gang continue their lives," one fan tweeted.

Another comment read, "Thank you @bigbangtheory for reminding us the beauty and the value of friendship I immediately called my friends after watching this. #BigBangTheoryFinale #BigBangTheory."

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