Prior to the release of both song and music video, Khaled announced that he would donate the proceeds from the song to the slain rapper's children, Emani and Kross.

AceShowbiz - To those who are missing Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled has offered something nice to you by releasing the song and music video that he worked on with the late rapper. Making its way out on Thursday, May 16, the release also features John Legend.

Khaled opens the visuals by paying tribute to his collaborator with a title card that read, "In Loving Memory of Nipsey Hussle." The scene then changes to show Nipsey rapping his bars alongside Khaled in various locations, including in front of a blue-painted house. "My granny 88 she had my uncle and them/ A miscarriage back-to-back every year for like ten," he raps. "Pregnant with my moms, doctor told her it was slim/ It was bed robes for nine months, but gave birth in the end."

At one point, Nipsey and Khaled unite with John at a rooftop of a building, surrounded by luxurious cars. As the slain rapper continues delivering his verse, the "All of Me" hitmaker plays on the piano before taking over the chorus, "Oh, you keep taking me higher and higher/ But don't you know that the devil is a liar/ They'd rather see me down, put my soul in the fire/ But we keep goin' higher higher."

"Higher" is one of the songs off Khaled's latest album "Father of Asahd." Ahead of the release of the song, Khaled announced that profits from the song would be going to Nipsey's two children, Emani and Kross.

"Recently, I embarked on a soul-searching journey down a road I never thought I would travel in a million years. It began when a tragedy robbed the world of an enlightened soul, a brother, a father, a partner and my friend, Nipsey Hussle," he said on Instagram, before recalling the time when they filmed the music video together.

He continued, "After much prayer and reflection; and with the full blessing of the Asghedom family, I am sharing that moment with the world. The very little of the song reminds us that vibrating on a 'Higher' level was the essence of Nipsey's soul. It is in the spirit, of moving forward, of preserving his mission that I, my co-writers, producers and label partners are donating 100% of all our proceeds from 'Higher' to Nipsey's children, Emani and Kross."

Nipsey died on March 31 after he was fatally shot outside his store, Marathon Clothing, in South Los Angeles.

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