'Braxton Family Values' Teases Toni Braxton's Rumored Split From Birdman
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In the sneak peek of the April 25 episode, the 'Un-Break My Heart' singer tells her sister, Trina, that she and her rap mogul fiance might still be together if they eloped a long time ago.

AceShowbiz - The drama that led to Toni Braxton's rumoured split from rap mogul Birdman earlier this year is to play out on the singer's reality show "Braxton Family Values".

In a sneak peek of the episode which airs in America on Thursday night, April 25, the "Un-Break My Heart" singer tells her sister, Trina Braxton, that she and Birdman have ended their engagement.

"We probably just should have eloped a long time ago," Toni says in the clip, obtained by Entertainment Tonight. "We would probably still be together."

The star and Bryan Williams, aka Birdman, announced their engagement in February 2018, but they were plagued by break-up rumours earlier this year, and it appears they were more than just idle gossip.

"Toni has been so secretive about her relationship, and she is now letting the cat out of the bag? And it's not exactly good news!" Trina tells viewers in a direct-to-camera piece. "You know what? I'm not going to push the issue right now. I know what it feels like to just need time to yourself to process your personal issues."

Asked what led to the split, Toni tells her sister, "I really don't know... just stuff... Maybe I have happiness, and I just don't know how to be happy yet."

But, whatever went down earlier this year, it appears Toni and Birdman are back together.

Talking about the split rumours earlier this month, Braxton told ET, "It just kind of (came out of nowhere). Someone said it and we were like, 'OK, we'll just ride with it because it'll give us some privacy'... But we're good."

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