Shay Mitchell Shows Off Her 'New Look' After Losing Tooth

Taking to Instagram Stories, the 'Pretty Little Liars' actress reveals that she lost her tooth after eating two bagel sandwiches, prompting her to go to a dentist.

AceShowbiz - Actress Shay Mitchell has suffered a dental drama while munching on a bagel.

The former "Pretty Little Liars" star lost a tooth during lunch earlier this week, beg April 15, and she updated fans on her 'new look' during a trip to her dentist.

"This is what happens when you eat a bagel sandwich - your tooth comes out," the 32-year-old said in the Instagram Story video as she sat in the dentist's chair. "This is what I get for eating two bagel sandwiches. Damnit!"

She also gave her tooth doctor, Kevin B. Sands, a shout-out in the video.

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