Ben Affleck Insists He Is 'Very Happy' With Giant Phoenix Tattoo on His Back
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During an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', the 'Triple Frontier' actor also talks about being 'in such a great place' after completing a number of rehab stints.

AceShowbiz - Ben Affleck has insisted he "loves" the giant phoenix tattoo on his back, despite others being less than complimentary about it.

The actor was pictured showing off the impressive inking as he enjoyed a swim session at a beach with his "Triple Frontier" co-stars Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, and Garrett Hedlund last year - with the images dividing opinion among fans.

While the majority, including his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez, were less than impressed with the huge etching, Ben said during an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", airing on Thursday, March 14, that he's unconcerned by the backlash.

"It's meaningful to me, I like it. It's not something I kept private, it wasn't like I was doing photoshoots - we were sort of two hours north of the city on some island in Hawaii and we didn't know that the paparazzi was there," he said. "So, they got a picture of my tattoo, and the sentiment ran against."

"I love my tattoo and I'm very happy with it. Luckily, I'm the one who has it."

Elsewhere in the interview, Ben spoke about reaching a happy, healthy place in his life, after various stints in rehab centres.

"It's interesting, it's sort of - there's temptation to get depressed if I think, 'Oh that was hard, and this was hard,' or I could be kind of embarrassed, but I have to say, I feel so good now, I'm in such a great place, my kids are healthy, you know life is good," the 46-year-old mused. "So, it's like, whatever it took for me to get to this place, I'm grateful."

Ben shares three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, and admitted that while their co-parenting sometimes leads to different rules in different houses, the fact their kids are only allowed to watch Ellen DeGeneres' talk show is something he and his former spouse agree on.

"In split families, you kind of go back and forth and you sort of want to come to an agreement on rules. I'm a little more liberal on the screen side of things, video games and TV, but this is something we can both agree on," he smiled.

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