YBN Almighty Jay Gets 300 Stitches in Face After Getting Robbed in Street Fight

Blac Chyna's former toy boy is jumped and beaten in New York, leaving him with a deep cut on his face.

AceShowbiz - YBN Almighty Jay was severely injured after getting jumped and robbed in New York. The former boyfriend of Blac Chyna was attacked in an NYC street on Saturday night, March 9 and the whole thing was captured in a video taken by one of the perpetrators.

According to reports, the one-half of hip-hop collective YBN was shopping with his pals when another up-and-coming young rapper, named Lil Tjay, walked in with his squad. They reportedly got involved in an argument, before things turned physical.

A video which has been circulating online caught Almighty Jay in the fight after it spilled out into the street. Someone spotted him and said, "That's YBN Almighty Jay." The 19-year-old rapper and his gang appeared to be holding their own, until Almighty Jay got separated from his group.

In another video, he was seen running down the street alone while still being chased by his rival gang. "Is that the YBN n***a? Take his chain!" someone who seemingly took the video was heard saying in the clip. Almighty Jay was viciously beaten down as the narrator started talking about an alleged altercation that took place in an elevator sometime in the past.

Almighty Jay allegedly lost his all his jewelry, his money and his shoes in the beat down. According to MTO News, someone pulled a razor and sliced the rapper's face during the attack. He suffered a deep cut in his face which required more than 300 stitches to close the wound.

The cut was so deep that doctors had to use two layer suturing, which involves stitching the wound internally at a deeper level of a tissue followed by another layer of suturing at the surface. A source says they used a special plastic surgeon that is familiar with black skin to make sure that it will leave no scar.

According to TMZ, police were called onto the scene, but no one wanted to report a crime. Lil Tjay, meanwhile, has denied that he was involved in Almighty Jay getting jumped on after the street scuffle. He sent a message to his fellow rapper on Instagram, saying, "Keep ya head up bro stay strong."

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