YBN Almighty Jay Says He's Removing 'YBN' From His Name Amid With YBN Nahmir Feud

The former groupmates, who have fallen out since 2020, have been trading shots on social media which escalates with Jay challenging Nahmir to a physical fight in a video.

AceShowbiz - YBN Almighty Jay is cutting all ties with his former YBN crew amid his feud with YBN Nahmir. The rapper, whose real name is Jay Gerard Bradley, has declared that he is removing "YBN" from his name after trading shots with his former groupmate for months.

"I been going back and forward with my label for months tryna get this 'YBN' s**t off my name on social media," so the 21-year-old star informed his followers. He then declared his new moniker as writing, "I'm Almighty Jay!"

Jay and Nahmir have been feuding on social media for some time and things escalated earlier this week with the former issuing a challenge to the latter to face off in a physical fight. "I HOPE HE KEEP THE SAME ENERGY WHEN WE GET IN THE RING," Jay captioned a video of Nahmir claiming that he's a better fighter than his former YBN member posted earlier this week. "HE BETTER TAKE THE FIGHT HE NEED IT… THAT ALBUM WENT DOUBLE CARDBOARD."

During an Instagram Live, the two even yelled at each other as they recalled an altercation they were apparently involved in. "I beat yo a** while I was sittin' down!" Nahmir boasted. Jay told him to "put that on yo mama" and Nahmir claimed he did just that. "I been put you down," Nahmir shouted. "I'm deada**. What I gotta lie for?"

According to Jay, their beef started almost two years ago after he and Nahmir were involved in an altercation that apparently required them to fork out some money. Jay claimed he paid $30,000, while Nahmir paid $10,000. But Nahmir has seemingly twisted this and told his friends that Jay is the one who actually owes him money, sparking their differences.

"An incident end up like, occurring with some n***as I used to be cool with. They end up doing something and Nahmir end up gettin' caught up in it somehow," Jay said in a YouTube video. He added, "N***a, I don't owe you nothing. You never gave me nothing and I never borrowed nothing from you."

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