'Teen Mom' Star Mackenzie McKee Threatens to Kill Herself After Being Parent-Shamed

The TV personality is being criticized for letting her children misbehave during an outing, prompting her to tweet, 'And with everyone telling me I should just kill myself, maybe your right.'

AceShowbiz - Parent-shaming gets the better of Mackenzie McKee. The "Teen Mom" star was recently slammed for her parenting skill, but it appeared that the criticism was too much for her to the point where she threatened to kill herself.

It all started after she posted on her private Facebook page all the mishaps that she and her three children had during an outing. She admitted that her children played with a ferret roughly and threw noodles to someone's hair. Furthermore, Mackenzie said that her child ruined three of Kylie Jenner's lipstick products, prompting them to flee from the scene because the lipstick was expensive.

Mackenzie apologized for all the things that her children did, but the internet did not buy it. Soon after screengrabs of her post were shared on Twitter, she received various hatred messages. Many criticized her for not being able to control her kids, while some apparently told her to kill herself. In response to the criticisms, she tweeted, "I can't handle anymore. Today was my breaking point. I've done my best. And with everyone telling me I should just kill myself, maybe your right."

She deactivated her Twitter account afterward.

Radar Online later reached out to Mackenzie, who told the outlet that she was devastated by the messages. "It is blowing my mind that people are doing that. It was like not even one second, my son tried to grab it, I ran across and took it away and gently put it back into the basket," she said. "And now I'm getting told to kill myself, I'm getting told I shouldn't be a mom."

She went on explaining that she cried for six hours due to the hate comments. "I did not want to live anymore," she added. "After everything that happened this year. I don't think I've cried that hard in so long."

Fortunately for her, she had the support of her family who stopped her from committing suicide for real. Her mother, Angie Douthit, told The Blast that Mackenzie is now safe and is calming down at her house after getting in contact with Angie.

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