Steve Harvey Regrets His Choice of Words During Heated Interview With Mo'Nique: 'I Misspoke'

Addressing his comment about integrity during the interview, the TV host admits, 'That was a bad choice of word.'

AceShowbiz - If there is one thing that Steve Harvey regrets after interviewing Mo'Nique, it's his choice of words. Talking to reporters at a recent "Celebrity Family Feud" event in Los Angeles, the TV host/comedian reflected on a comment about integrity that he made to the 51-year-old comedienne.

"My only regret in the whole thing was I misspoke," he said to E! News, clarifying his remarks. "In the heat of the discussion, I used the word 'integrity,' when really I was talking about the method which she was going about things, and that's the only thing. I just want my young fans, the ones who look up to me, who consider me a role model in everything to know that I must misused the word 'integrity' in the wrong context."

Speaking to PEOPLE, he once again insisted that he never questioned "anybody's principles or anybody's causes." He added, "I was merely questioning, for the 50-minute interview, the method that she chose going about doing it and I regret that looking back at it now, because that was a bad choice of word."

In the Wednesday, February 13 episode of "Steve", Mo'Nique talked about being labeled as "difficult" and eventually "blackballed" in Hollywood because she demanded additional pay for participating in Oscar campaign for "Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire". She became a lighting rod again when she proposed a Netflix boycott because the streaming giant offered her less money than other comics.

Harvey then suggested in the interview that she should put her integrity aside when there is money on the table, and that comment didn't sit well with his viewers. Several social media users noted how prominent figures like Colin Kaepernick and Muhammad Ali maintained their integrity in their fights for equality.

"For all who agree with Steve Harvey that money trumps integrity, listen to the GOAT. 'Money means nothing to me...when it comes to the freedom of my people...I wouldn't want that damn yacht if I couldn't go over in the Black neighborhood & protest a Black woman being raped...,' " one tweeted. Another said, "Steve Harvey after learning Colin Karpernick maintained his integrity AND secured The Bag," along with a GIF of Steve shaking his head.

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