Kate Winslet
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Whether it's helping people get out of burning car or saving people who are drowning, these celebrities seemingly don't even care if they are the ones who end up getting hurt.

AceShowbiz - Kate Winslet's character in "Titanic" might barely survive an iceberg, but the Oscar-winning actress successfully acted a hero in a fire that ravaged Richard Branson's private home in British Virgin island. Kate bravely carried his 90-year-old mom out of the burning home to safety after the home was struck by lighting during the romping Hurricane Irine in 2011.

"She carried my mom out of the house. My mom is 90 and can walk but it was more just to speed the process up than anything else but anyway, she was great," Richard said of the actress' heroic deed. "She swept her up into her arms and got her out of the house as fast as possible."

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