Nomar Garciaparra
WENN/Brian To

Whether it's helping people get out of burning car or saving people who are drowning, these celebrities seemingly don't even care if they are the ones who end up getting hurt.

AceShowbiz - Nomar Garciaparra isn't only great at playing baseball, but also swimming. Back in 2005, the retired baseball player and his uncle rescued two women who had fallen into Boston Harbor. According to an eyewitness, Nomar immediately sprinted once he heard a scream and a splash at 10 P.M. and jumped over walls. Meanwhile, his uncle jumped off a balcony to save the girls.

"A bunch of us came running over and sure enough, pulling the two girls from the water was Nomar," the witness said. "It was crazy. Nomar was like jumping over walls to get to the girls and the other guy leaped off the balcony. It was unbelievable."

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