Hall and Oates
WENN/Andres Otero

Whether it's helping people get out of burning car or saving people who are drowning, these celebrities seemingly don't even care if they are the ones who end up getting hurt.

AceShowbiz - John Oates and Daryn Hall from Hall and Oates had an unexpected turn of event when they stopped at a bar in Melbourne, Australia during their tour in 1980. A masked man walked in with a sawed-off shotgun and demanded money from both customers and waitresses. Without thinking too much, Oates rushed to the dude and actually knocked him through a plate-glass window.

The police then arrived to pick the robber up as Oates was casually standing on his wrist to stop the masked man from getting away. That was when they found out that the man was no ordinary robber. The band had caught an infamous criminal whom the local media had dubbed the "Rusty Gun Bandit."

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