Expressing her irritation over the neglect, the creator of '2 Broke Girls' points out that it is unacceptable how the famous Malibu ranch didn't have any evacuation plan for its animals.

AceShowbiz - Whitney Cummings has criticised executives at a winery in Malibu, California for failing to evacuate animals during the wildfires.

Blazes continue to rage in the U.S. state, with 31 people reported dead and thousands forced to leave their homes, with celebrities such as Robin Thicke, Neil Young, Gerard Butler and Miley Cyrus among those whose properties have been destroyed.

Comedy star Whitney has also been evacuated from her home, and while she is safe, she is concerned about the welfare of animals at Malibu Wines, especially Stanley the Giraffe.

"Now that i know the full scoop, shame on you @[email protected] for not evacuating this animal or any of your animals (sic)," she captioned a video of her standing next to the giraffe posted on Instagram on Sunday, November 11. "I tried to reason with you, tried to help you, and I brought you food for the animals. I am trying to help you do the right thing and take better care of the animals (you use to make money.) I have trailers and people who can take them out safely ready to go."

Whitney added that she has more photos and videos of the damage to the animals' living area and that she was worried about the giraffe and other animals, including some horses and an injured pig.

"I know moving a giraffe is incredibly dangerous but not having an evacuation plan at at all isn't acceptable. Yes they keep saying they "evacuated" but that means into a pasture that's still Smokey and burning on their premesis (sic) just FYI. Side note before I knew they left animals in fires was my dream to get married here," the 36-year-old commented.

Bosses from Malibu Wines have yet to respond to Whitney's claims. However, after social media users first sparked concern about the wellbeing of the animals on the property, they issued a statement on Saturday explaining that they still had a "small number of number of animals unaccounted for."

"Our management team and animal trainers are onsite right now feeding, providing water, repairing enclosures, and caring for our animal family (including Stanley). While we have lost a considerable portion of our barns and facilities, our primary concern is the lives of our animal and human families," a spokesperson said. "Your offers of support are deeply appreciated and as we begin the reconstruction process we will reach out to neighbours to help with this process!"

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