Moving On? Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Dating Her Personal Trainer Following Justin Theroux Split
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The fact that the 47-year-old actress is still boxing up until now makes 'everyone believes it's Leyon [Azubuike] that Jen's enjoying.'

AceShowbiz - It seems like Jennifer Aniston is back to the dating game. A new report suggests that the "Friends" alum has set her eyes on her hot boxing coach, Leyon Azubuike. It is said that the actress signs up for boxing to relieve some stress amid divorce from Justin Theroux, but she allegedly gets more than a boxing session with the coach.

A source shares to Star Magazine (via, Jennifer is all over the sexy Gloveworx trainer. "Some friends think Jen just needed something to punch to vent her frustration with Justin," says the source. "But she's still boxing. Now everyone believes it's Leyon that Jen’s enjoying!"

Now that Jennifer is rumored to have found a new man in he life, her ex Justin allegedly doesn't really take the news well. "Justin's not ready to hear about Jennifer dating anyone else, he’s not even close to over her so it’s very hard to think of her moving on brings up a lot of jealousy," another source reveals to

"But the fact that her rumored new man Leyon is this amazing boxer makes it that much worse because boxing is currently a big passion for Justin. Jennifer and Justin still communicate all the time and she’s assured him that she isn't dating her trainer," continues the insider. "Still, Justin can’t help but worry that she might just be saying that to protect him and spare his feelings. If that’s the case, and it turns out that Jennifer really is dating Leyon, it’ll be very hard for Justin to take."

But Justin can breathe a sigh of relief because a representative for the 47-year-old actress tells the site that Jennifer and Leyon have no romantic relationship. A previous report suggested that "The Leftovers" alum "has real fears that he will never be able to find another woman like Jennifer." Of the actor, a source says, "The more time Justin spends away from Jen, meeting new people and being single, the more he realizes how incredible he had it with Jen."

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