First to get roasted is 50 cent, who is called 'a moron who 'needs to be kicked in the BALLSACK.'

AceShowbiz - This is the time for hip-hop starts to get roasted! The music industry's biggest rappers, including DJ Khaled, Logic, Remy Ma and Pusha T among others, gather on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to read some mean tweets about themselves. Some are speechless, some are going full sarcastic and some others lose their cools after reading the harsh posts from Twitter.

First to get roasted is 50 cent, who is called "a moron" who "needs to be kicked in the BALLSACK." Meanwhile, Eve lets one hater know that "she still have those pawprints on her t****es."

"You're either a lesbian, a toddler, ex con, or Pusha-T if you still rockin braids this year," one Twitter user writes, to which the rapper responds, "Yes, I still have my braids. They're never going anywhere, and I'm not gonna grow. That's fine." Remi Ma, on the other hand, reads, "I feel like Remy Ma physically fights her beats. Like she can't rap on beat to save her life." Whoever tweet that, however, better hopes not to run into her as she says, "Remy Ma also physically fights people talk s**t on Twitter. Like, for real. She f**k them up."

"Yo dj khaled focus on getting your own fat a** in shape," one user advises the "I'm the One" hitmaker. "You can't inspire people to be great when you haven't seen your d**k in years." Trippie Red, meanwhile, finds the tweet that dubs him "a pile of s**t" that "takes a s**t" funny.

"Awkwafina has the voice of a 58-year-old divorce attorney," the "Ocean's 8" actress reads the tweet, before yelling, "B***h, I know!" Yo Gotti can't help but laughing as he reads, "yo gotti forehead so big all his songs count as a duet."

Concluding the segment is T-Pain. "Hey, what happened to T-Pain? There's still a massive market for s****y music," the tweet about him reads. "Dammit!" he cusses, before adding, "S****y music or not, I'm doing way better than you." Where's the lie, though?

The full Mean Tweets segment airs tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" at 11.35 on ABC.

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