Posthomous Clothing Label From Rapper Lil Peep in the Works

Members of his former team take to the photo-sharing site to announce the upcoming launch of the collection.

AceShowbiz - A clothing line created by rapper Lil Peep is still in development, despite his death last November.

The late star, born Gustav Elijah Ahr, was working on the fashion company when he died at the age of 21 following an overdose of fentanyl and Xanax, and now his creations will live on through the designs he came up with for his brand No Smoking on Instagram.

Members of his former team took to the photo-sharing site to announce the upcoming launch of the collection and ask fans to submit their own designs, which will be added to the pieces.

"Gus inspired and encouraged millions to express their lives through music, art, and words," the post reads. One of his plans was to launch a clothing line called No Smoking. Another plan was to invite fans to create merchandise through his official site. Both ideas were set to launch early 2018.

🚫🚬🐣 August 1st, 2018

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"Sadly, Gus passed before either could launch. We decided to give No Smoking to those who matter most in keeping Lil Peep's memory alive - the fans."

Fans can share their ideas for the apparel on a form on his online store The Hyv between 1 August and 8 August. Those whose designs are accepted, will receive a percentage of sales from the items.

The post concludes, "Thank you for remaining inspired - you inspire us everyday (sic). We can't wait to see your art."

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