'Castle Rock' Unleashes New Mysterious Trailer, Gets Premiere Date

The latest promo for Stephen King's upcoming series on Hulu teases the original sin that curses the town.

AceShowbiz - Hulu has released a new promo for "Castle Rock" as well as announced the premiere date. The video still teases the dark mysteries that surround the titular town as the scenes show a school mascot jumping to his death, a dead body, a woman holding a bloody knife, a man pulling a gun on his own head and a funeral.

"I fear for this place," says Terry O'Quinn, who plays Dale Lacy, in voiceover as Henry (Andre Holland) walks around the town he once called home. He also talks about the "original sin" of Castle Rock that causes the series of misfortunes to those living in the town. "There's blood in every backyard, inside every house," he continues, "People say it wasn't me; it was this place. And the thing is, they're right."

The video reveals the show's connection to 1994's movie "The Shawshank Redemption" directed by Frank Darabont, and based on King's 1982 novella "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption". The scene in question features a picture of the corrupt warden Samuel Norton, who was portrayed by Bob Gunton in the classic film.

There's also a glimpse of Bill Skarsgard as a prisoner, who is likely serving his sentence at Shawshank State Prison.

Hailing from King and J.J. Abrams, "Castle Rock" is "a psychological-horror series set in the Stephen King multiverse" that "combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King's best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light, played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland." Each season of the series will "follow different set of characters and storylines while interjecting themes and specific characters from previous seasons."

Melanie Lynskey stars as real estate agent Molly Strand, Sissy Spacek plays Ruth Deaver, Scott Glenn portrays Alan Pangborn, and Frank L. Ridley is cast as a character whose name is still unknown.

Along with the video, Hulu reveals that the 10-episode series will be released on July 25.

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