Bill Skarsgard Starving Himself for Days for 'Castle Rock'
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The 'It' actor lost weight to portray crazed prisoner The Kid on Hulu's new series based on Stephen King's stories.

AceShowbiz - Actor Bill Skarsgard starved himself to appear frail and malnourished for his dramatic new "Castle Rock" role.

The 27-year-old star portrays crazed prisoner The Kid, who is housed in a cage beneath the Shawshank State Penitentiary, in the new TV adaptation of horror author Stephen King's stories about the eponymous fictional town.

Bill went all out to look scary onscreen by adopting a ketogenic diet, where he limited his foods to low carbs and high fats, and he also fasted before the cameras rolled on set.

"I wanted to lose weight because I wanted the character to be more gaunt and ghostlike and malnourished and look weak," he told Us Weekly magazine. "I basically did the Keto diet. You get into ketogenesis (a metabolic process where the body consumes its own fat) and you just eat a lot of fat and no carbs. I lose weight quickly. Before scenes, I would not drink water or eat for 24 hours. It does a lot... It changes your face. I think it played real well into the role. It gave off this boney, skeletal look."

The Swedish star didn't deprive himself of delicious foods throughout the shoot though, admitting he had a cheat day every now and again, and couldn't wait to dig his teeth into a burger after filming wrapped.

"We shot a scene in the shower at block five. Even though it was episode one, we shot while shooting episode five so I'm like, 'Well f**k, I need to stay skinny all the way up to the point,'" the "It" star recalled. "I didn't eat for 24 hours. The day before, 24 hours before that, I had like, a salad and didn't drink any water. So I was f**king skinny and parched. Then after that day of shooting, I wanted a beer and a burger. I didn't drink for three months, either, so I went to a shady dive bar and it was great."

The first season of "Castle Rock" debuts on streaming service Hulu on Wednesday, Jul 23.

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