Michelle Williams Praises Beyonce's Dedication to Coachella Performance

Michelle is in awe of her former Destiny's Child's groupmate who was very involved in every aspect of the performance, saying, 'I mean, she was just... brilliantly involved in every decision.'

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles's Destiny's Child bandmate Michelle Williams (II) is still in awe at how hands-on the superstar was as she perfected her performance for California's Coachella music festival. The "Drunk in Love" icon first wowed fans with her live comeback on April 14, when she hit the stage as a headliner for the annual desert festival, and thrilled fans with a Destiny's Child reunion.

She also surprised the crowd with appearances from her rap mogul husband Jay-Z and sister Solange Knowles, and pulled off an almost-identical repeat performance on Saturday, April 21, for the second round of the two-weekend event.

Michelle was overjoyed to share the limelight with her close friends and bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland once again, and insists they had a ball during every step of the production, because it was just like old times. "At this point, you just get up there and you have a lot of fun," she shared on breakfast show "Good Morning America". "I know the last rehearsal, we were just acting like little girls again, so no matter what, with marriage and kids, we're like girlfriends up there all over again."

Learning the choreography for the big show was also a fairly smooth process for the ladies. Asked if it was like riding a bike, she smiled, "Of course, with a lot of rehearsal though!"

And she will never get over how meticulous Beyonce is when it comes to her live shows, even as a busy mother-of-three. "It was flawless because of the months of rigorous rehearsal," Michelle said. "Everything from each costume change was strategic. I mean, I saw her (being) a part of everything: she would be in rehearsal in one room, then she'd run over to the next room to see what wardrobe is doing, while trying to eat almonds and oranges. I mean, she was just... brilliantly involved in every decision."

Saturday's show wasn't completely perfect. Beyonce took a minor tumble after trying to pick up Solange during a dance-off. The siblings were showing off their moves to the superstar's hit song "Get Me Bodied" towards the end of the set, when Beyonce went to lift Solange up, and ended up toppling to the ground. They giggled and gracefully jumped back to their feet as the "Formation" hitmaker told fans, "Give it up for my sister!"

The Coachella dates marked Beyonce's return to the concert stage after welcoming twins Sir and Rumi last June (2017), and served as a launching pad for her next trek, her joint "On The Run II Tour" with Jay-Z, which kicks off in June.

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