Michael Fassbender Accused of Domestic Abuse by Ex in Shocking Court Docs

Shocking court docs against the 'Assassin's Creed' actor from 2010 have resurfaced in which his ex, Sunawin Andrews, accused him of being physically violent with her.

AceShowbiz - Nearly decade-old domestic abuse accusations against Michael Fassbender have resurfaced. In Los Angeles court documents obtained by Daily Mail, the 40-year-old actor's ex-girlfriend Sunawin "Leasi" Andrews alleged that he became violent with her on at least two occasions when they were still together.

Andrews, now 44, filed for a protective order from Michael in March 2010, alleging two instances where the actor caused her serious injury. One of the alleged instances was in November 2009, when Michael and Leasi stepped out together for a dinner and were approached by one of her ex-boyfriends.

"Michael was drinking and became angry," Leasi claimed, adding that her friends were so concerned that they followed the fighting couple home in another car. "Michael was driving my car dangerously fast and screaming at me. I begged him to stop the car in fear of an accident or for my children who were home asleep."

Leasi went on claiming that Michael drove off "dragging" her along from the car. "He stopped after he realized I could not walk," she said. Later that week, Leasi allegedly woke up "in a deep sweat and pain with vaginal bleeding." She added, "I went to the hospital and had a twisted left ankle, blown out left knee cap and bursted ovarian cyst. Lots of internal bleeding."

The other alleged incident was in July 2009, during which Michael was allegedly became violent with her after a night of drinking. While Leasi didn't specify where the incident happened, she wrote that Michael was receiving an award at an event and began drinking heavily after a night of ceremony.

Leasi said she ended up going to bed but was woken up by her then boyfriend and a friend around 5 A.M. when the drunk pair tried to climb into bed with her. She then proceeded to check into another room and returned in the morning to wake Michael for a speaking event. She found him "sleeping in urine." She alleged, "He began to be violent and threw me over a chair, breaking my nose."

She was granted the temporary restraining order, but in April 2010, just one day before her scheduled hearing for a permanent order, she withdrew her petition with no reason. Her documents had also asked for $24,000 to pay her medical bills.

Michael has never publicly commented on these shocking claims. The Magneto of the "X-Men" film series is now married to Alicia Vikander. The couple, who met on the set of their movie "The Light Between Oceans", married in a private ceremony in October 2017 after dating for nearly three years.

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