BTS Takes on Viral Challenge Walking on Air. Who Does It Best?

J-Hope and Jungkook nail the challenge which was started by a high school cheerleader, while Suga who wears a funny costume tries and fails.

AceShowbiz - BTS' (Bangtan Boys) members just found their new skills besides singing and dancing. The boys took on the viral invisible box challenge when they recently appeared on a Korean program on V Live. The challenge, which was started by a high school cheerleader, requires them to jump with one foot appearing to step on an invisible box.

The members first practiced with a real box. Suga, who donned a funny costume, was up first, pretending to measure the invisible box before jumping, but he failed as his left foot wobbled a bit. Jimin tried it and everyone was surprised as he got it so close. His foot only moved slightly toward the end.

RM (Rap Monster) gave his best but almost twisted his ankle doing the challenge, while V ended up making a funny pose upon his landing. Jin was goofing off and made a joke out of the challenge. J-Hope and Jungkook also gave it a try and they nailed it.

Also on the show, the members played a game that tested their strength. They had a rope tied around their waist and the ropes were linked together. They had to solve a puzzle located on opposite sides of the room. In order to reach the puzzle, they had to gather their power and pull their opponents.

In other news, BTS ranked first on the list of Forbes Korea's 2030 Power Leaders. "BTS has cemented themselves as a global K-Pop idol group and with their strong fandom, they will continue to have an extremely passionate response from them. With BTS's efforts, other K-Pop artists can also head towards becoming global artists," Forbes wrote about the group.

Wanna One's Kang Daniel placed second, followed by actress Kim Tae Ri and actor Yang Se Jong.

BTS has announced their third Japanese album titled "Face Yourself" which is scheduled to be released on April 4. The album will include Japanese versions of all their singles, including "MIC Drop", "DNA" and "Go Go", alongside two new tracks.

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