Paris Hilton Plans to Get Pregnant 'Soon' After Engagement

A source overheard Paris telling her friends at a Golden Globes after-party that she's planning to get pregnant soon.

AceShowbiz - It looks like Paris Hilton is ready to start a family with her new fiance Chris Zylka. The couple attended a Golden Globes after-party on January 8, where she was overheard telling a friend that she's ready to get pregnant soon. was the first one to break the news, reporting that the couple as well as Paris' parents were spotted dancing to Michael Jackson's songs at an HBO after-party. An insider told the news outlet that s/he overheard Paris refusing a drink from a friend. "What, are you pregnant?" the friend asked, to which Paris responded while laughing, "No, but I hope to be soon."

The socialite was also seen kissing her man and was "not shy at all to show affection" during the party. "It is very clear that Paris and her man really like each other, as they were all over each other," the insider further noted. "Her parents are very happy with her choice in a man because they were laughing along and talking to him all night. Looks like everything is going very well with them."

The baby news aside, the newly-engaged couple revealed that they wanted to tie the knot as soon as possible. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner, the couple shared that they're going to plan the nuptials this weekend. "We're going to have dinner with my parents this week to start planning," Paris said. "We want to do it as soon as possible."

Also during the interview, Paris praised the women in Hollywood, who showed their solidarity for victims of sexual misconduct by wearing black outfits at the 2018 Golden Globes. "I love how all the women are coming together," she said. "I think it's such a statement, everyone wearing black. Just everyone being sisters and really supporting each other. Time is up. People are not going to tolerate this abuse in power anymore. It's all about women and girl power. This is the year of women."

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