Jessica Chastain Slammed for Her Response to Backlash Over Her All-White Magazine Cover

The 'Molly's Game' star responds to the criticism she received over a photo shoot for a Los Angeles Times' The Envelope cover story with a call for diversity, but many on Twitter are not having it.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Chastain was criticized after appearing in a photo shoot for a Los Angeles Times' The Envelope cover story, and she responded to the criticism by admitting that being featured in all-white-actress photo shoot was "a sad look." However, her response only made things worse as people slammed her for not addressing the matter in particular until she had already received a bit of backlash.

Jessica first responded to editor Rebecca Carroll who called out the actress over the cover. "Honestly @jes_chastain as an outspoken voice for equality how do you pose for a photo like this and not feel absolutely mortified by the blatant exclusion? How is it possible to not understand the msg this photo sends?" Rebecca tweeted on Friday.

Jessica agreed as she replied to the tweet, "Its a sad look that there's no WOC in this pic of us promoting our female lead films." She said that "the industry needs to become more inclusive in its storytelling," before asking, "What were your favorite WOC lead films this year? I LOVED @salmahayek in #BeatriceAtDinner."

"Its TERRIBLE that I can't think of at least 5 female lead films with woc this year," continued the "Molly's Game" actress, who was featured with solely white actress that included Margot Robbie, Annette Bening, Diane Kruger, Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet in the magazine's cover story which boasted "a shift in focus" in Hollywood. Jessica add, "In 12 months there's not even 5?!"

However, Jessica's response to the criticism only made things worse, as she was later called out again by people who claimed that just addressing the issue was not enough. Many had issues with the fact that the 40-year-old actress still participated in the photo shoot despite being an critic of diversity in Hollywood.

"Jessica Chastain had a fair rebuttal, but she didn't just find out who was going to be on the cover of the magazine," one said. "Her response actually made it worse IMO.

"As a combined powerhouse of women why did you not challenge that the cover be a representation of female actresses! Lead & supporting! Instead of trying to 'think' if there had been any WOC leads this year," another commented, wondering "why did you not use your voice to change the rhetoric? Shoddy defection!"

Another said that "jessica chastain should not get credit for 'speaking out' when she willingly participated in the photoshoot and didn't say a damn thing until she got called out for it, sorry!"

Other wrote similar comments like "toolate Why didn't Jessica Chastain speak up DURING or BEFORE the shoot?" "Then why did you accept the cover? Honestly? If not you, then who? Who will stop this?" and "You sure did a great job speaking up at the shoot."

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