Eminem Walks on Frozen Lake in Music Video for 'Walk On Water' ft. Beyonce

The five-and-a-half-minute visuals also finds the 'Rap God' hitmaker typing something on a typewriter together with his look-alikes.

AceShowbiz - Following the teaser clip that was shared on December 20, Eminem has finally released the music video for "Walk on Water" featuring Beyonce Knowles. The visuals was previously released exclusively on Apple Music, but now fans can watch it on YouTube too.

The five-and-a-half-minute clip begins with Em rapping while sitting in a dark room before standing up and taking the stage to perform the track in an empty theater. "Why are expectations so high?/ Is it the bar I set?/ My arms, I stretch, but I can't reach," he raps. "Now the sky is blackening, I know the mark's high/ Butterflies rip apart my stomach."

The visuals also features multiple Em clones typing something on a typewriter as well as Em walking on a frozen lake, pausing to see a clone of him being trapped below the ice. The clip ends with the Detroit rapper throwing a paper at the camera and saying, "B***h, I wrote 'Stan'." Meanwhile, Beyonce does not appear on the clip.

"Walk on Water" is the lead track of Em's latest effort, "Revival", which debuts atop Billboard 200. During a recent interview, Em revealed that the set, which only has one rap feature, was supposed to have more.

"The rap features, actually, there's a couple things I had in the works that ended up not working out," he told Shade 45. "So I ended up not being able to have any rap features, aside from Phreser doing the hook on 'Chloraseptic'."

In another interview, Phreser revealed that 2 Chainz was supposed to be featured on the track. "They were like, 'Oh you know, 2 Chainz is on the record too. Listen to his verse.' And I'm like, now we're playing." It was unknown, though, why Em decided to remove the Georgia rapper from the track.

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