Snoop Dogg Mocks Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert in Eccentric New Video for 'Moment I Feared'

The clip finds a character called Fonz-D-Low, who looks like the two young rappers, wearing a dress and high heels and admitting that he's gay.

AceShowbiz - After leading a "Revolution" in his last video, %cSnoop Dogg% parodies new hip-hop artists in a new music video for "Moment I Feared" featuring %cRick Rock%. The visuals opens with the two rappers on Snoop's "GGN" show while talking about current hip-hop music and young rappers.

"It's a young man's game," Snoop says of new generation of hip-hop. "I commend the young homies for doing they thing. They different. They look different. They rap different, but that's what hip-hop is. It's meant to be different."

After a weather report, the video then introduces a character named Fonz D-Low. Sporting tight pants and red dreadlocks, the character bears resemblance to young rappers like %cYoung Thug%, %cLil Uzi Vert% and %cLil Yachty%. At some point in the clip, Fonz also wears high heels and a dress, which is a solid reference to Young Thug's cover art of mixtape "Jeffery".

The visuals then ends with Snoop interviewing Fonz. When asked why many people hate him, Fonz says, "Everybody’s hating on me because they can't do what I do. The fabrics I wear... Why hate on me? They didn't hate on %cMichael Jackson% when he wore the skinnies. They didn't hate on %cPrince% when he has on his high heels."

Fonz's statement seems to echo Lil Uzi Vert's response to haters who blast his fashion. "You know what it is?" he recently said. "They never felt these fabrics before. That's all." When Snoop asks Fonz if he's gay, he gushes, "Yes! I'm happy. I'm happy right now in my career... Happy means gay." And, coincidence or not, there were rumors saying that Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert are gay couple.

"Moment I Feared" is a track off Snoop's latest studio album "Neva Left", which was released last month. The veteran rapper has announced a new gospel album, and he is currently working on it with %cFaith Evans% and %cCharlie Wilson%.

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