Snoop Dogg Leads a 'Revolution' in Powerful New Video

The 45-year-old rapper has released another political-inclined visuals for his song which criticizes police brutality, discrimination and racism in the U.S.

AceShowbiz - Although Snoop Dogg released his latest effort "Neva Left" last month, the rapper revisits his 2016 album "Coolaid" by releasing a new music video for one track off the set called "Revolution" featuring October London. Snoop, once more, uses his music to show his political stance as the new visuals was seemingly inspired by police brutality, discrimination and racism in America.

"The revolution will be televised," Snoop says at the beginning of the clip. The APLUS-directed video then shows a Muslim woman in a Middle Eastern village and a black teenager in Los Angeles neighborhood. It also features striking images, such as African-American men being chased by police and struggling Muslim family in the U.S.

The music video for "Revolution" is the latest political-inclined visuals from Snoop. He previously released clips for "Mount Kushmore" which features befuddled President Donald Trump and "Lavender" remix which sees Snoop shooting the controversial president with a toy gun.

"We're based in L.A., so Snoop Dogg obviously represents the West Coast to us, but he's also an international icon," the producer of the "Revolution" video, Just Blaze, previously said of the poignant visuals. "He means something different to people all over, so we wanted to use his message to show the loves of two kids living in distant corners of the world."

He added, "People in power have preyed on ignorance to create a culture of fear in this country. A fear of people we don't know, whose lives we don't understand. This video offers an honest perspective on how similar our loves are, no matter what country we come from."

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