Beyonce and Jay-Z Turn Their Mansion Into $1.27M Maternity Ward for the Twins' Birth

The powerhouse couple is getting ready to welcome their twins and is reportedly 'shunning a traditional hospital delivery room' due to privacy and safety concerns.

AceShowbiz - %cBeyonce Knowles% and %cJay-Z% only want the best for their twins. As Queen Bey's due date seems to be approaching soon, the famous couple is said to be turning their mansion into a $1.27 million maternity ward as the "Single Ladies" hitmaker will reportedly give birth to the twins at home.

According to Daily Mail, medical equipment like incubators and "an entire professional neonatal wing" have been shipped into the pair's house. Vans full of high-technology kit have been seen arriving at the mansion.

A neighbor claims that Beyonce is in a good condition and is ready to give birth at home. "It is all about privacy and safety. It's not usual for someone expecting twins to have them at home, but Beyonce has discussed it with her doctors," the neighbor says.

Although Beyonce and Jay-Z have made sure that they have everything needed, there will still be an ambulance on standby during the delivery. "She's in prime physical condition and they are setting up a professional maternity unit inside the house for the birth," the neighbor reveals. "There will also be an ambulance on standby to take her to Cedars-Sinai Hospital should she or the babies need hospital care."

The "Holy Grail" hitmaker is reportedly busy "going in and out of the property" while his wife is staying at home. "Jay-Z can be seen going in and out of the property but Beyonce is lying low," the neighbor continues, before adding, "There are food deliveries and service vans arriving all day."

Beyonce was believed to be demanding a silent birth because she wanted everything to be peaceful when she gave birth to her twins. "Beyonce likes peace and calm around her," sources revealed. "She has zero time for drama and gossip. And you can expect the same will be true when she gives birth to the twins."

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