Gucci Mane Releases New Single About Coachella

Gucci Mane Releases New Single About Coachella

The 37-year-old Atlanta spitter savors his impression of Coachella music festival by releasing a groovy song named after the festival.
Gucci Mane is one of many people who got a lasting impression during Coachella in the past weekend, but he took his impression of the music festival to another new level by releasing a new song aptly titled "Coachella". To celebrate his first performance on the annual music festival, Guwop made the groovy song which is dominated by flute beat.

Produced by Murda Beatz and TM-88, the track has a strong resemblance to Drake's "Portland". Probably this is why Travis Scott (II), the collaborator on "Portland", gets a shout out on "Coachella". At the end of the song, the sound of crowd at the festival is heard, completing the slow-beat banger.

"My summer cold/ This for my n***as on the stove getting out the bowl/ I'm an Eskimo I live with snow, h*e snorting coke/ This for my n***a in a hole, still selling dope/ Soft-top Rolls, I pulled out the parking lot/ This b***h won't pick up the phone she must think I'm Travis Scott," Guwop raps.

"Coachella" is the rapper's latest song following "Make Love" ft. Nicki Minaj, "Pardon Me", "Drop Top Wizop Freestyle" and a remix of "Both" featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Gucci took the stage at Coachella last weekend, bringing along Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty and P. Diddy. He is set to make another performance at the festival this weekend.

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