Yesung of Super Junior Denies Getting Face Fillers

Yesung of Super Junior Denies Getting Face Fillers

The 32-year-old singer explains that he never gets any work done despite looking different from his early days.
Yesung of Super Junior explained why he looked different from his debut days during an appearance on SBS Power FM's "2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show" on April 20. The singer said that some people were surprised at his thinner physique and wondered how he managed to appear like that.

"I'm 178 cm and 58 kg. Those who've known me since debut days must think that I'm chubby. My face used to be swell easily. Now I just try to control the bloating," Yesung shared. "I don't eat salty foods," he added.

The "Here I Am" hitmaker also talked about how his fellow Super Junior member, Choi Siwon, asked him if he got face fillers. "One time my mother insisted it would be okay if I had just three salted shrimp right before the press conference for my drama," he recalled. "Siwon saw pictures from the conference and called me right away, asking, 'Hyung, do you get fillers on your face?' "

People believed Yesung's statement regarding his face, but they noted that the idol didn't seem like he was 178cm tall. "Ayyy you are not 178 cm tall," one commenter wrote on an article on Nate. Other people who had seen him before pointed out that Yesung was definitely a little bit shorter than he claimed to be.

Yesung released his second solo album, "Spring Falling", on April 18. The music video of his title track, "Paper Umbrella", was released on the same day. The album received positive responses internationally, and topped iTunes album charts in various countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Peru and Vietnam.

Fans left a lot of praises on his music video. "ABSOLUTELY MASTER OF BALLAD," one fan commented. "OMG! I can't stop listening it. Amazing voice, amazing beat and so amazing video," another said.

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