Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones and More Strip Down to Sexy Lingeries for Calvin Klein Campaign

The former 'Spider-Man' star, the 'Social Network' actress, Lauren Hutton and Laura Harrier are among those who star in the new Spring 2017 campaign for the underwear company.

AceShowbiz - %cKirsten Dunst% and %cRashida Jones% flaunt their sexy bodies in a new Woman's Calvin Klein campaign. In the Sofia Coppola-directed commercial for the underwear company's new Spring 2017 collection, the former "Spider-Man" star and "The Social Network" actress are featured in nothing but sexy lingeries.

Also featured in the black-and-white video are "Spider-Man: Homecoming" actress %cLaura Harrier%, %cNathalie Love% and models %cMaya Thurman-Hawke% and %cChase Sui Woders%. Proving that age doesn't matter when it comes to being sexy, the campaign also stars 73-year-old model %cLauren Hutton%.

In other clips, the women recall defining moments of their love lives, such as their first kiss or their first grand gesture performed in the name of love.

In one of the black-and-white videos, Hutton recalls, "I was going across the courtyard and I was going very fast because I didn't want anyone to hint on me, and there were really a lot of guys around."

She continues, "So I'm going pretty fast and suddenly, there's this guy right in front of me hopping backwards, and he's looking up to stay in front of me, because I wasn't stopping." She adds, "He said, 'You wanna go for a ride in my truck?' That was the corniest pickup line I had ever heard in my line. And it was fabulous, and he had these great electric blue eyes. So I said 'OK, but just one block.' "

In another clip, Jones recalls how she once tried to pursue a mysterious British actor, saying, "I decided that I was in love with this actor that I'd never met. He was a classically-trained British actor and my friend's dad was working with him or something, so I somehow convinced her to get in the car with me and drive two and a half hours in the English countryside."

She then recounts how they drove to the set of his movie and proceeded to leave him her contact information. "We drove to the set and we stalked him for a couple hours and then we left this really convoluted, faux-Victorian note in front of his trailer with my pager number, because it was the nineties, and awaited his call, and it never happened," she says.

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