New Set Photos of 'Love Actually' Short Film Reveal the Man Chosen by Keira Knightley's Juliet

One of the photos shared by script editor Emma Freud sees Knightley's Juliet wearing pajamas and sitting next to Ejiofor's Peter, revealing that Juliet keeps staying by her husband's side all along.

AceShowbiz - New set photos from "Love Actually" special short film have been released by script editor Emma Freud via her Twitter account. The photos answer the big question about who %cKeira Knightley%'s Juliet chose to be with after the events in 2003's "Love Actually".

We know that Knightley's Juliet married %cChiwetel Ejiofor%'s Peter in the original movie. At the end of the movie, though, Peter's best friend Mark (%cAndrew Lincoln%) visited Juliet's house and confessed his love to her by showing emotional placards. When Mark left Juliet's house, Juliet ran down the street and kissed him before returning to her husband. This scene sparked questions about which of the men whom Juliet actually chose at the end of the movie.

However, the photos shared by Freud reveal that Juliet has a happy married life with Peter all along, unwavered by Mark's confession. One of the photos features Knightley's Juliet wearing cozy pajamas and sitting next to Ejiofor's Peter on their couch. Another photo sees Mark bringing a pile of placards with his thoughts written on it, suggesting that he hasn't changed since the last time we saw him in the original movie.

The short film titled "Red Nose Day Actually" is produced for the British charity Comic Relief. The movie will reunite the cast members from the original film and follow their lives 14 years after the events in "Love Actually". Also returning to the short film are %cHugh Grant%, %cMartine McCutcheon%, %cColin Firth%, %cLucia Moniz%, %cLiam Neeson%, %cThomas Brodie-Sangster%, %cOlivia Olson%, %cBill Nighy%, %cMarcus Brigstocke% and %cRowan Atkinson%. The movie is set to air on Red Nose Day on March 24 in the U.K and on May 25 in the U.S on NBC.

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