Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis Dislike 'Love Actually' and Explain Why

Stewart and Davis who star in new Christmas rom-com 'Happiest Season' are not really fond of the 2003 Hugh Grant holiday romcom with Stewart calling the film 'weird.'

AceShowbiz - Kristen Stewart finds some of the relationships in the classic Christmas movie "Love Actually" "weird."

Since its release in 2003, Richard Curtis' romantic comedy has become a beloved festive classic.

However, Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, her co-star in Christmas rom-com "Happiest Season", won't be streaming it this Christmas - as they find some of its romances unnerving.

In a joint interview with British newspaper The Guardian, Davis said she was "right in the middle" of liking or disliking the film but loved the "talented" Hugh Grant - who stars as a British Prime Minister who falls for a member of his staff.

However, Stewart then revealed she dislikes some of the film's storylines - including a scene where one character, played by Andrew Lincoln, confesses his love to his friend's wife and another in which a writer, portrayed by Colin Firth, falls for his Portuguese housekeeper.

"I probably shouldn't mention this, but f**k it," the "Twilight" star said. "I also felt a little weird about the guy who … Colin Firth is going after someone he's really never spoken to. And I understand that love transcends language barriers, but at the same time … I probably shouldn't have said this …"

Reversing her previous answer, Davis then added, "I hate Love, Actually. I take back what I said before."

Asked what she looks for in a Christmas movie, her co-star explained, "I think a really good Christmas movie just feels lived in. It feels like pyjamas. Like, oh God, those people really know each other, to the point that they hate each other, and then it becomes funny again."

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