Lamar Odom to Tristan Thompson: You're Just a 'Placeholder' in Khloe Kardashian's Life

The former Los Angeles Lakers player plans to win back the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star, who's clearly moved on with the Cleveland Cavaliers player.

AceShowbiz - Lamar Odom wants Tristan Thompson to step aside while he is planning to win back Khloe Kardashian. The former Los Angeles Lakers player thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers player is just a "placeholder" in Khloe's life.

"Lam needs TT to know how madly in love he still is with Khloe and wants Tristan to understand that he and Khloe have unfinished business," a source tells, "Lam doesn't want to disrespect what they have, but he thinks Tristan is just like James Harden and French Montana - a place holder in her life for when he returns."

Tristan was allegedly "pissed" and "furious" after Lamar said in his first post-rehab interview that he would like to get Khloe back. "Honestly, I want my wife back," Lamar said during a recent appearance on "The Doctors".

"There was a time when Khloe would have died with delight hearing Lamar profess his love for her like that. Sadly, he never got his act together and now that time has passed," a source previously revealed. Tristan seemed to feel the same way about Lamar's remarks. "Khloe's not married anymore. She's Tristan's girl and he will do anything to protect her from her delusional ex husband," added the source.

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