Lamar Odom Trolled for Bizarre, Rated Question to Adam22
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The retired NBA star IS clowned online after he expressed his curiosity about the podcaster's show 'Plug Talk' and the sex activity with his guests following the filming.

AceShowbiz - Lamar Odom went viral following his appearance on "No Jumper". The retired NBA star was clowned online after he expressed his curiosity about Adam22's show "Plug Talk" and the sex activity with his guests following the filming.

In his show, Adam22 interviews women with Lena The Plug before having sex with them afterwards. Upon receiving that information, Lamar shockingly asked if he would be allowed to watch their intimate session. Not stopping there, he further made it awkward as he made a masturbation motion with his hand.

His question brought laughter to the studio, but Internet users found Lamar's question creepy. "I can’t tell if this was a Bernie Mac reference or if Lamar was really on demon time," one wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. "He wasn’t joking either…freaky frog," another said.

"Lamar Odom still need recovery. Gotta have a bump on the table somewhere. can I watch is crazy," someone else added. "Lamar Odom is a sicko this guy has a real problem," one noted, with one other adding, "there are so many things off about Lamar."

That aside, Lamar previously made headlines for his joint podcast with Caitlyn Jenner. Titled "Keeping Up With Sports" podcast, the former NBA star and the former 74-year-old Olympian will "take on all sports, each with a unique personality and opinion" alongside a third host named Zach Hirsch. According to a press release, the premiere guest will be boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

In response to the project, the Kardashian-Jenner family was allegedly "blindsided by this and they feel that they are absolutely going to be discussed on the podcast." The insider further claimed that "Caitlyn will do anything to try and upstage [Kris Jenner] or get under her skin, but this is the most bizarre one ever."

The source added that the "I Am Cait" alum "is devastated over her shattered relationship with the kids that she helped raise but she knows it is partly her own fault." As for Lamar, the insider said that he "knows that it is his fault for losing [Khloe Kardashian] yet still, to this day, talks about her."

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