Destiny's Child Fuels Reunion Rumors With Newly Launched Instagram Account, Fans Go Wild

Fans of the trio consisting of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are hoping for a 20th anniversary reunion in 2017 after their official Instagram account emerges.

AceShowbiz - %cDestiny's Child% fuels reunion speculations after an official Instagram account for them emerges. Fans of the trio consisting of %cBeyonce Knowles%, %cKelly Rowland% and %cMichelle Williams (II)% are hoping for a 20th anniversary reunion in 2017.

The account was created last week and is run by Legacy Recordings/Sony Music Entertainment. It has since gained more than 19,000 followers at time of publication. So far, the account posted about the anniversaries of singles and albums, including "Girls", "#1's", and "Soldier" featuring %cT.I.% and %cLil Wayne%. It also follows Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle.

Fans have been speculating whether this account could mean a reunion for Destiny's Child. One fan wrote, "Ummmm omg you guys....reunion?! Comeback?!"

A second fan shared, "OMG they just made an insta...reunion?" Another fan commented, "Maaaann I'm so damn nervous. I'm excited too I can't waiiiiiit man it's hiding something for 2017 I HOPE."

Kelly recently revealed that she, Beyonce and Michelle did hang out. But what about a Destiny's Child reunion? "We haven't talked anything about that," she claimed, "We're just enjoying each other's company and being loved and enjoying being women."

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