Nick Lachey Feels 'Embarrassed' About Jessica Simpson's Antics on HSN

The 41-year-old singer reportedly felt embarrassed when he watched his ex-wife Jessica's odd behavior on her first appearance on Home Shopping Network.

AceShowbiz - %cNick Lachey% had a bit to say about his ex-wife %cJessica Simpson%'s odd behavior during her first appearance on Home Shopping Network. The 41-year-old singer felt "embarrassed" when he watched Jessica's unusual behavior on the show, according to HollywoodLife.

"He's embarrassed for her," a source revealed to the website. Regarding the speculation whether or not the fashion designer was drunk during the show, "Nick says Jessica will most likely deny any reports that she was intoxicated. He's just glad that he's not in that chaotic mess of a relationship anymore!" the source added.

The incident was captured on camera when Jessica was explaining her newest fashion collection. The blonde beauty looked unsteady and what she said sounded incoherent. "Ashlee is like the best at wearing gray. My sister...Like, she's very rock and roll, but there's something about a gray that's Maybe it's her and her husband, they share jeans...I have no idea...I don't know. There's just something hot about them," Jessica rambled as she talked about her younger sister, %cAshlee Simpson%.

It wasn't the first time Jessica made an incoherent speech on camera. Back in March, the "Blonde Ambition" actress gave odd response in an interview with Extra. When the interviewer asked her how she could look fabulous despite her busy schedules, she began to answer the question but then abruptly changed the subject to her fashion line. "Even in our collection we do kids, so dressing my daughter is really fun, so that inspires me, especially right now," she said.

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