Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Hit With Split Rumors, Allegedly Bickering Non-Stop

The NFL star and the Brazilian model are reportedly fighting about everything which culminated with a screaming match on Tom's birthday in early August.

AceShowbiz - Another celebrity couple could be headed for splitsville. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's marriage is on the rocks as they are constantly fighting lately, according to OK! magazine. The tabloid claims that they are "fighting about everything from their sex life, ... as well as Gisele's 'controlling' ways, especially when it comes to how to raise their children."

A source says, "Tom has very different views on parenting from Gisele, and he's had it with the insane organic, GMOfree diet that she insists on everyone in the house following. One time, he gave them candy bars without asking her first, and she acted like he'd fed them poison."

The so-called insider adds that "Tom is also discouraged about the lack of respect Gisele has for the New England Patriots practice schedule" and can't stand her demand that he should "be at her beck and call." The source says, "The other players are tired of her crazy demands because they all have to work around them."

The 35-year-old model posted an intimate family picture on her husband's birthday earlier this month, but they reportedly had "a screaming match that ended with Gisele storming out" on the same day. Since then, she reportedly has "been spending less and less time at home."

Adding fuel to the fire, a picture of Ben Affleck's alleged mistress Christine Ouzounian wearing Brady's Super Bowl rings recently surfaced. The source says that the pair have been discussing their situation in "angry texts" and "a split might even be a relief for Tom," because "he knows the situation is going to have to be resolved somehow."

Another site, ET, confirms the magazine's story. It reports that the quarterback and the Brazilian beauty are "bickering non-stop lately. And really the drama kind of reached a head at Tom's birthday dinner. Allegedly, Gisele stormed out she was so angry."

Tom and Gisele have not addressed the rumors.

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