Lionel Richie Denies Nicole and Joel Madden Divorce Rumors

The 'Truly' hitmaker says divorce rumors surrounding her daughter for the past few months are 'completely untrue.'

AceShowbiz - Lionel Richie has set the record straight about the divorce rumors which have been surrounding her daughter Nicole Richie and her husband Joel Madden for the past few months. In an interview with HELLO! magazine, Lionel says, "It's completely untrue."

The divorce speculations came after some moving trucks were spotted at Nicole and Joel's Los Angeles house in early May. "They've bought a new house and the moving van was pulling up at their old house to move to the new one," Lionel explains. "Hence the story they are breaking up." The couple has put their L.A. mansion up for sale.

According to the "Truly" hitmaker, life in Nicole and Joel's household has never been happier. "I went over to the new place recently and there were the Pup-Pups - otherwise known as my grandchildren - running around all excited showing me their new yard and their new pool," Lionel shares.

He recalls discussing the rumors with Nicole during his visit, " 'Aren't you going to clear [the rumours] up?' I asked Nicole. 'Nah, it's okay,' she said. She's a seasoned Richie. But, as I said to Nicole, 'Rumors you don't worry about. It's when they print something and it's true you need to worry.' "

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