Anna Kendrick Stopped by Drug Dog for Carrying 'Planted' Cocaine

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress agreed to help a security train a new drug-sniffing hound when she was at an airport.

AceShowbiz - Anna Kendrick was caught out by drug dog at an airport. The "Pitch Perfect" star walked through the airport but was stopped when a drug-sniffing canine smelt suspicious substance in her bag. Fortunately, it was only an exercise to train a new hound recruit.

The actress explained the incident on "The Talk", "I was getting off this plane and this gentleman who was with security came up to me and he was like, 'Can I ask you for a favor? Do you like dogs?' and I was like, 'I love dogs'. He was like, 'We're training one of our drug dogs and will you participate in a little exercise?' "I was like, 'Of course, that's so cute...' "

They put something in her bag and instructed her to just walk. "I walked past, I was trying not to act to obvious," she recalled, "and the dog barked." She petted the dog and when he kept barking, she asked what's placed in her bag, the security said, "Cocaine."

Even after the drug was removed from her bag, the dog kept making noises. "I was like, 'What happens the next time I'm in an airport and the dog thinks there's something in my bag...?' I had to throw that bag away because I'm so afraid," she said.

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